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For more than 30 years, the practice of Acupressure Shiatsu has been, and still is, one of my favorite tools for helping people. During the last 20 years I started to pay more attention to the Atlas bone. As a result of that time of study, I believe I have created a more efficient technique for treating this important vertebra.

alternAAT2alternThe Atlas bone gets its name from the myth of the Giant Atlas who was punished by God and assigned to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders.

The Atlas is a key bone which supports the weight of the head – not only the physical weight but also the psychological weight. The Atlas has 12 pairs of nerves coming from the central nervous system. On top of the trapezius there is a big ligament which supports the atlas in a rigid position. For this reason, when the atlas is out of place – which can happen from a car accident, from wrong postures, from disorders of the digestive system, liver or gallbladder – it affects the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is a separate nervous system in itself.

We have three nervous systems: the central nervous system, the parasympathetic nervous ystem, and the autonomic nervous system or vagus.

The vagus nerve goes through the Atlas Bone and when this vertebra is out of place, it squeezes the nerve producing problems in the intestines, pancreas, liver, and the digestive system.


  Some effects of Misaligment of the of Atlas Bone





The Vagus Nerve also affects us spiritually and sexually.  It affects our focus, memory, attention, and coordination. Besides the Vagus Nerve, we also have the carotid and aortic arteries which are the biggest tubes connecting the circulatory system with the heart and the brain. The Atlas Boneis surrounded by two spirals of muscles. Tensions in the the sternocleidomastoideos muscles, plus the trapezius can affect face muscles and also one's dental condition. If there is a lost tooth and the bite is uneven, the mandibular muscles cause the jaw to get out of location creating tension and toxins which push the Atlas out of place. 


The tension in the big muscles, especially the trapezius (which covers almost all of the upper back), when they are Atlas out of place.  The stress can be, to name just a few: when you are eating the wrong food for you, when you have bad posture, and/or when there is a lack of stretching exercises or therapy. The pressure of the head with gravity, stress, and toxins coming from the wrong food and postures, puts the Atlas in the wrong position. That minimizes the amount of blood going to the brain causing a long list of symptoms, like amnesia, seizures, chronic fatigue, lack of attention, poor memory, irritability, insomnia, digestive system dysfunction, skin problems, allergies, and more.


I have dedicated myself to perfecting the techniques I use. After many years of practice and education, I consider myself a specialist in AAT (Atlas Acupressure Therapy), one of the techniques I use. This therapy is based on acupressure shiatsu – a Japanese healing method. The best way to treat an Atlas dysfunction is through a holistic approach. 

Through coordinated therapies, the muscles can be cleaned as they release tensions, the energy of the meridians located in the neck area can be balanced, pulses are restored to normal and the tone of the cranial and brain dynamic can be balanced, simultaneously.  Through these therapies, the whole upper body, including the shoulders, neck, clavicles, cervical spine, cranium, sternum and, ribs can be balanced.

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The Atlas bone gets its name from the myth of the Giant Atlas who was punished by the Gods and assigned to carry the weight of the world
on his shoulders.



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