Yoga Yuba City at the Fremont Hospital's Conference Room#2,

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Full Schedule for Holistic Health Classes

This week:

  • Food Therapy Cooking Classes Open Registration for Classes starting September 2016.
  • 3 weekly Yoga Classes for Health at the Alcouffe Center in OH/D: Tuesday and Friday 9 am and Wednesdays at 6pm, at the Alcouffe Center located on 9182 Marysville Rd.
  • Starting this Week: Weekly Yoga Classes in Loma Rica's Town Hall, Fridays at 6pm.
  • Starting this Week: Weekly Yoga Classes in Yuba City at the Fremont Hospital's conference room#2, 970 Plumas Street.
  • Holistic Health Open Talks:

                 on Tue & Fri 10 am and Wed 7pm at the Alcouffe in OH/D;
                 on Mondays 6:30 in Yuba City at the Fremont Hospital's Conf. Room#2
                 on Fridays at 7pm in Loma Rica's Town Hall.

For more information visit our Calendar:

Best Health Benefits from Yoga Classes

Yoga well practiced include the use of 4 rules: attention, breathing, relaxation and stretching, all of which helps decrease levels of stress and aid the natural flow of the body to regenerate. Yoga is not about reaching the best posture. It is about discovering the benefits through experiencing the limits that your body has developed through time. To break tensions and blocks that have build through time is not possible if you do any exercise in a tense way: streatching and relaxation are the keys that can only be reached when there is proper breathing and focused attention to your body to aid the relaxation and stretching, making the oxygen to go depeer into your cells, bringing more relaxation and more stretching to your workout: more health to your health!
The 4 rules help you increase self-healing awareness:
Increasing your Attention to the body work and how it functions
Stretching as a way to aid the release of toxins and increase energy
Breathing to bring awareness of your connection with the external world and
Relaxation to increase confidence and produce a change of lifestyle for health.




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