Food Therapy Cooking Classes


Food Therapy Cooking Classes

Healing Through Food Registration

Food Therapy Cooking Classes

Chemistry of food and how healthy food can help with the elimination of toxins.
During each class we are going to focus on the preparation of a healthy breakfast, and 3 side meals making note of some possible combinations to add to the recipe.

Specific information about food and health:

Did you know that Vegetable proteins are an important addition to our diet? Proteins are one of the main nutrients for memory, for attention, and for replacement of the main part of the cells in human tissue. As we age, it is difficult to process and retain the nutrients from animal proteins. Vegetable proteins are lighter and easier to digest, helping with memory functions, nourishing our skin, our skeleton and our muscles properly through time.


After your registration is completed:


You will receive a "Welcome" e-mail with information about:

  • Why Food Therapy for Self-healing Works where other diets fail.
  • 3 Health tips to boost your energy anytime.
  • 3 Recipes you can try before class: start to experience feeling better today.


Quick Program Review:


  • Classes are focused on health regeneration.
  • Learn new ideas, attitudes, and actions to implement to achieve long-lasting health.
  • Important Information about Blood PH Balance and how this information helps.
  • How to quickly boost the immunity system to increase self-healing.
  • Learn the basics to do your own recipes.


and BON APPETIT! Enjoy a Healthier New Life, full of energy!


Food Therapy Cooking Class





  • Fees:
    $120 at the door
    $105 with early reservation.
    $  85 attending online
    Contact us for special discounts 530-790-5167

  • (10% discount on gift certificates)

  • Soon Available TO PRE-ORDER:
    $25 buy a DVD, or a download
    $20 buy a book of the recipes with all the health information provided during the class. 



  Feedback from clients:


    "The greatest benefit of these classes is to learn to be creative, understand flavors and spices, learn to make the flavor in your mouth.... while you are cooking mouthwatering food" - Rebecca
 "Meals were healthy and delicious, prepared with great care. The cooking lessons have helped me to adjust my  eating habits with ease, now that I’ve been taught how to properly prepare fish, beans, grains and vegetables. Nutritious food is very tasty and fun to cook!" - Kandee


Horacio talks about the Cooking Classes:

"Cooking, for me, is not about cooking food, it is about cooking myself. My main purpose is to satisfy my liver, my heart, and my brain with the proper ingredients. The main tool for cooking is yourself, your appetite and your desire to transform for a better life experience. In my cooking classes you are going to learn to use your tongue, your intuition, and your sense of refinement. The recipe and the main ingredient is what you want, what you need and who you are. LEARN TO REFINE YOURSELF BY COOKING YOUR FOOD."







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Classes are held at 
Frenchtown Inn, 9858 Frenchtown Dobbins Rd.
Oregon House, CA95962

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