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Become a Shiatsu Therapist




CMT Certified by the ABMP 

150 hrs course (3 months)  Shiatsu Therapy Course


Shiatsu Therapy: Acupressure Massage Technique

In order to provide practical demonstrations of the principles studied in this course, the students, depending on their level of knowledge and commitment, will be able to witness some of Horacio Roa’s practices. 




Block 1 

  • Sense of touch and communication
  • Illness and health
  • General anatomy and physiology
  • Introduction to the holistic concept
  • Introduction to yin and yang
  • Interaction between emotions, psychology, and body
  • The meaning of illness
  • Touching and its effects
  • Blocks, tensions, points, meridians
  • Introduction to eastern medicine
  • Nutrition and diet
  • Exercise and fitness
  • Herbs and homeopathy: their philosophy
  • Vitamins and minerals (supplements)
  • Shiatsu technique level 1
  • Introduction to the treatment of simple health imbalances              



Block 2

  • Anatomy and physiology: the function of the organs
  • Eastern medicine: yin and yang, chakras, glands, meridians, organs, accumulators, physical body, electric body, electronic body
  • Esoteric understanding of cure and disease
  • The use of Rodney Collin’s six processes
  • Body types
  • Blood types
  • Use of food and herbs for the treatment of simple health issues
  • Shiatsu technique level 2
  • Use of breathing
  • Energy and the use of Chi in reiki and craniosacral therapy
  • Using the patient’s pain for one’s own development
  • Negative emotions and their connection to illness
  • Understanding different kinds of stress and their role in life
  • Poisons and remedies           



Block 3

  • Anatomy, physiology and chemistry
  • Chemical composition of toxins
  • Ph in blood
  • Division of the body: shiatsu points
  • Handling and connecting the different parts
  • Working on:
  • Base of head and neck
  • Upper back and arms
  • Middle back: liver, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen
  • Lower back: kidneys, intestines, sacrum-hip box
  • Back of legs
  • Back of feet
  • Front of feet
  • Front of legs and joints
  • Stomach and hips
  • Chest and arms
  • Throat, face and head



Block 4

Different medical massage techniques

  • Ethical issues
  • Legal issues
  • Working with trauma, pain and degeneration
  • The different uses of shiatsu and medical massage in the healing field
  • Cause of illness
  • Spirituality and the meaning of pain
  • Introduction to health coaching
  • Complementary use of shiatsu and medical massage
  • Holistic philosophy
  • Shiatsu therapy
  • Lifestyle
  • Becoming a practitioner