E.N.T.E.R. technique courses are available as:

The training course is part of the Holistic Health Coach Course Program, and part of the Yoga Master Course program. Hours from this course can apply as credit for all of the above-mentioned courses.altern

Self-help Techniques:

Endocrine Nervous Track Exercise  Reprogramming E.N.T.E.R.  (Developed by Horacio Roa)

When Pain is the Issue: Don't work less, Work smarter.
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As a coach trying to achieve my own health resolutions, I see the need for setting proper personal priorities. There is always a point where the urgent daily tasks needing to be done don't seem to allow time for other important things that also need to be taken care of - like your health.

Health, from my perspective and my personal experience, needs to be at the top of the list in order that all the other things in our lives can happen in the best possible way.  It is good to make plans to fix the car, look for a better job, or to realize your wish to travel around the world, but without good health, it will demand double your time and energy to achieve these goals. When I say health, I am referring to feeling good, having energy, being relaxed, and maintaining balance. This means that we can leave behind illness and pain, and any other symptoms you may be experiencing. Because of the need to improve my own health, I have developed a clear, self-help technique that can be used to help others who are interested in self-help.  This technique can be used for one's self as well as to help others.

The Endocrine Nervous Track Exercise for Reprogramming is a technique that has been developed by Horacio Roa over 25+ years of studying self-healing methods for health regeneration. E.N.T.E.R is particularly useful when applied to tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, low range of motion issues, and many different muscle-related issues, improving the level of relaxation to allow the muscle to go back to its natural mode. By improving relaxation at this level, you help improve the health of all organs and systems and everything in the body can work more freely.

This technique can also be applied to sports health during those times that fast regeneration is essential to keep the balance between your body's demands and performance at optimum levels.

This system works under the power of human will and its possibilities. The main source of a human being's possibilities is will. How the hormones, glands, and the endocrine system interact, translates into identity and behavior. Behavior can be programmed in our early days from our posture, our way of thinking, and our emotions. ...

These traits often times are patterned after the culture to which we belong and can be seen to have both positive and negative impacts on the development of the individual.  Many times a negative influence can manifest itself in the form of illness.

Chi-kun, Tai-Chi Chuan, Yoga, and dance are examples of the different arts that were designed for one to learn to balance the hormones, glands, and endocrine systems.  These systems use the bio-electrical energy in the body in different physical activities, such as playing the piano or keyboard system, singing and dancing. The body can be used at both artistic and professional levels. These activities demand a knowledge of how to do such activities in a relaxed mode. Otherwise, if one is tense and not aware of it, eventually one is going to hurt oneself. Any injury or accident comes from our own weakness.  Practically speaking, one of the routines we use to train ourselves is the understanding of our energy that is being used in exercises that balances the right and the left side of the brain, programming a new habit based on relaxation and self-attention.

Habitual movements without attention can develop wrong habits and tension, creating pain, and complications like frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, scoliosis, sciatica, and lumbar and knee problems. Experiences such as lack of emotions, worry, negativity, anger, lack of self-confidence, intestinal problems, wrong work in the digestive system, acidic stomach, headache, skin problems, addictions, and depression can all result from habits of tension. Habits are made up of continuous repetition of information sent to the brain. Our behavior is most often a result of the information in our brain database. For example, sadness is a programmed habit.  Good health and happiness can be programmed as well, through processes of learning and practice.

The classes are designed to give you the space to create a unity of associations and include special exercises to educate movements through the development of one's will. At the same time, when you use cells in your brain that are blank, virgin cells, you expand your capacity to find a new space full of relaxation, energy and attention.  In this way, pain, tightness, blocks, toxins, and illnesses are removed organically. Instead of working with habits that worsen the problem, you transform yourself to create a new person with new habits.

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