Holistic Preventive Care

Natural Self-healing and Prevention

Natural Self-healing and Prevention

Do-in Chinese Technique for Self-help

The following video has no audio. Horacio was 46 years old when he recorded this video of a Self-massage chinese technique called Do-in. Do-in technique is especially useful to help adjust several health issues such as migranes, headaches, imsomnia,  anxiety, ashtma, nasal congestions, depression, and its best is that helps relaxation. This self-massage technique is worth to enjoy.


To be sure, there are many ways you might be able to receive help to quickly address your health issues. We greatly respect and appreciate anyone who can provide such help - help of any kind is always useful.

To strengthen your resolve to be healthy, let us first share how the assistance that we offer is probably different from what you might receive elsewhere.
FIRST THINGS FIRST: the Necessity of Illness

Different ideas about how to deal with your illness will bring you different results. What you really need is an understanding of the solutions that will bring you the best results. The more you understand about illness and its symptoms, the better will be the decisions you must make regarding your health and any illness you might experience, both now and in the future.

The Holistic perspective says that Illness is a necessary Process of Elimination; the body detects something that should not be there, and reacts in an effort to get rid of it. We call this reaction 'illness', but in a holistic view, this illness is a requirement if we are ever to regain true health.

But are we talking about the same thing?

Many people confuse an illness with the symptoms of that illness. For example, you might think you are ill because you have a headache, and after the headache is gone, you think that you are better.

But thinking like this is actually a way to miss the opportunity to see the real illness and get to the bottom of it. The headache was only a symptom, so getting rid of it does not address its source, which is the actual illness. Think of it this way: say the red light comes on in your car that says that it's overheating. If you somehow turn off the light but do not fix the cooling system, the red light will be gone, but your problem will still be there.

Most modern medical practice works with stopping symptoms, but do not address the causes of these symptoms. The Holistic approach is quite different; we address the cause. Once the cause is healed, you will not experience the recurring symptoms.

The Holistic approach allows us to help your body's natural defenses fight the cause of the illness, rather than introducing something that only tricks the body to relieve you of the discomfort of the symptoms. Our Holistic approach will show you how to strengthen your body with every step you take. It takes into account all the interconnected aspects of your daily lifestyle, be they physical, emotional, or dietary, to address the cause of your illness, not just prescribe some quick relief of your symptoms. In the long run this is a much smarter way to deal with any illness, because you then begin to take control of your health and heal yourself of your current problem. In the process, you will help to prevent future problems as well.

Understanding the three different levels of health care:

1. Level of Recovery: Take a stand against what made and is keeping you sick.

2. Level of Maintenance: Make your health challenge work to your benefit.

3. Level of Refinement: Gain a longer life and a better quality of life.

Understand that there is one clear road to success: knowing well the how and the why.

We help you to clearly define where you need to take a stand and to learn how to transform illness into health, not just during a crisis, but during every moment of every day of your life.

Is it really illness that we need to recover from?

Often, what we really need to recover from is what we are doing to ourselves. Of course, you will never realize that you are doing something wrong if you do not also learn that there is a right way to do the same thing. Take food for example: certain combinations of food simply are not conducive to good health. If you do not know this, how will you be able to avoid making yourself sick? So it is not always a matter of what we eat, but how we combine the things that we eat.

As we work in a Holistic way, this one principle governing food can be extended to many different areas of our lives. The way we approach our own life, then, will be reflected in our lifestyle. Our lifestyle has a major influence on how healthy we are (and how healthy we look).

If we are stressed out, or anxious, or angry, or tired all the time, we are not healthy, and our lifestyle is not healthy. Indeed, at the exact moment when we experience negative feelings, our attitude about our life is not healthy either! Many times the cause of our own illness lies in our own attitudes toward life. Health is not a one-dimensional "thing". It is merely a concrete representation of the many sides of us that cry out to be understood and harmonized.


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