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  Holistic health definition

Conditions for healing:

Before healing can occur, it is a basic principle that one be ill first. Loss of health results in the condition we call "illness". Illness can be recognized by one or two symptoms which break down balance (balance being synonymous with health). There is a rule that for each symptom there are likely 3 or more causes which combine to produce the symptom (the law of cause and consequence). If "being ill" is the first principle for healing, then the next principle is to combine at least 3 or 4 approaches in order to work on the causes. It is not sufficient to work on the symptoms - which are the consequences; one needs to focus on the causes. There is not one cause of the problem and there is not one solution only. This is what is meant by Holistic Healing.

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 Holistic approach to health

Natural Laws of Healing

  • Healing is a process that never gets finished.
  • Healing is under the universal laws of time, timing, knowledge and teamwork.
  • Going through the healing process requires planning, time, and metaphysical resources such as positive attitude and the understanding of pain.
  • Pain, illness, and death are all elements of life. This is a natural law and it is not in our power to try to change it.

"Pain cures pain, illness heals illness, and love releases love."

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 Holistic nutrition: diet and detox vs. nutrition. 
Multi-ingredients diet approach.

Holistic Nutrition

The yin and yang approach to Acid and Alkaline Diet and Ingredients.
When you can precisely recognize acid and alkaline ingredients you can personalize your balance of food combinations to match your energy and health needs.

Important point: the holistic reference to acid and alkaline ingredients is not based on the western ph table. The holistic table of alkalines and acids is based on the circular progression between the yin and yang. One given ingredient will always be  more acidic or more alkaline in relationship with others; the main patterns of measurement come from nature: water, fire, earth, air, and organics. One thing is relative to another in the circular relationship between them. 

When considering your diet.... (read more)

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 Natural Prevention and Illness: Natural Pain Management Methods

Natural Self-healing and Prevention

To be sure, there are many ways you might be able to receive help to quickly address your health issues. We greatly respect and appreciate anyone who can provide such help - help of any kind is always useful. To strengthen your resolve to be healthy, let us first share how the assistance that we offer is probably different from what you might receive elsewhere.

FIRST THINGS FIRST: the Necessity of Illnes

Different ideas about how to deal with your illness will bring you different results. What you really need is an understanding of the solutions that will bring you the best results. The more you understand about illness and its symptoms, the better will be the decisions you must make regarding your health and any illness you might experience, both now and in the future. The Holistic perspective says that Illness is a necessary Process of Elimination; the body detects something that should not be there, and reacts in an effort to get rid of it. We call this reaction 'illness', but in a holistic view, this illness is a requirement if we are ever to regain true health.

But are we talking about the same thing? Many people confuse an illness with the symptoms of that illness.- (read more)

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 Yoga and Health

Yoga LifeStyle

A Yoga Lifestyle should be more than doing yoga with the body postures and a mind set. Yoga means to bring light about what happens to the body any other moment of the day, showing clearly and precisely the state the body is in, helping to learn to take action in a self-healing direction. Yoga is a very practical way to produce changes in order to create moments for regeneration at any time when practiced often.

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 Health coaching

Health Coaching techniques can help to:

  • learn pain management
  • gain control over your own health
  • get a clear understanding of how to be emotionally positive and productive in your life
  • generate the will and power to achieve your aims
  • strengthen the healthy habits you want to develop

A good holistic health coaching system is at the same time a Self-healing System that takes into account the many dimensions of human reality: mind, body and emotions. It also emphasizes the importance of having heart-felt questions in order to get real answers. A coaching system is for anyone who wants to improve their quality of life, health, and achieve their aims.

We encourage you to bring us your questions about alternative ways to heal yourself: We guarantee we can offer at least 3 helpful solutions for each of your problems.

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 How we can help:

Your customized holistic health program

We can help in different ways: providing natural self-help tools, providing direct hands-on treatments and consultations, providing education classes, training, seminars, and courses, providing sessions and retreats with private direct assistance, coaching for life-style changes and health regeneration.

To learn to incorporate tools for living healthier is more than a necessity in our current busy and demanding daily schedule. In a practical way, each moment of the day can be an opportunity to improve the quality of health.

Because of that, I have created a schedule with many activities together -- from single classes to a full day or weekend retreat.  A life oriented towards self-healing includes a breakfast to boost energy and to support a highly demanding day; lunch and dinners for nourishing, cleansing and detox; yoga for regeneration of blood and tissue; and specific movements and exercises designed to eliminate stagnation, stress and tensions from the body. The end result being improvement of mental focus and a peaceful feeling of well-being.

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