Holistic Health Seminar



 Holistic Health Seminars

Making The Difference with Natural Self-healing.




Health Coaching for Regeneration and Self-healing

MIND INDEPENDENCE: HOW TO BE FREE from different psychosomatic illnesses

PAIN MANAGEMENT: How to deal with pain and its causes.

INFECTIONS: How to prevent them and natural remedies for infections.

The process of healing requires a separation from the mind, which involves realizing the distinction between your being and your body.

Pain Management is a consequence of mind management. The amount of pain experienced is often influenced by the mind. We'll distinguish between imaginary pain and real pain.

When discussing infections, we'll focus on the immune system and conditions for health. Infections occur due to the presence of toxins, and we'll explore methods for dealing with infections through hygiene and prevention.


Request a Private Session to Learn More about Your Illness and Symptoms, including:

  • The relationship between toxin elimination or non-elimination and symptoms such as fever, stress, anxiety, obesity, diabetes, asthma, skin problems, chronic fatigue, cardiac, respiratory and digestive problems, cancer, cysts, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, etc., and their sources.

  • The importance of emotions and personal balance, and their impact on health.

  • How to approach health with intelligent emotions, combined with nutrition, exercise, and self-knowledge.


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EVENT LENGTH: 2 hour program with Q&A session


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