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 Holistic Cooking Course


Holistic Health Seminar

Introduction to Holistic Cooking Courses and Food Seminar for Healing thru Foods.

As a main point about health in relationship to food, we will explore The Process of Natural Health Regeneration and its main factors to increase the chances to heal naturally.

pH Factor: How to effectively distinguish between acidic and alkaline ingredients and a review of foods that help maximize the potential of the immunity system

Optimize your chances to feel well: We will provide you articles on meals for high-demand-of-energy, as well as best meals for a passive lifestyle.  We will provide you with recipes to help you regenerate organsclean the blood, and boost overall health regeneration.


Holistic Cooking Course

Exploring the The Process of Health RegenerationHolistic Cooking Course


Cooking for Healing Course with A Multi Ingredients Approach.

Holistic Cooking Course


>  Lesson 1   Finding Motivation and Experiencing the Benefits 

Tools to help you find the right motivation for cooking your own food. 


>  Lesson 2   Changing Habits

Using nutrition vs unconscious eating (non-awareness of personal needs). You will learn what ingredients will help you to recover in difficult times and that will satisfy your lifestyle demands.  


>  Lesson 3   Yin and Yang 

How to understand Yin and Yang (acidic and alkaline) versus chemical pH measuring scales so that you can effectively distinguish between acidic and alkaline ingredients


>  Lesson 4   Understanding Chemical Reactions of Food

Gaining an understanding of how the foods you eat interact with and alter your emotions, psychology, body functions, and energy levels both positively and negatively.


>  Lesson 5   Meaning of Illness

You will learn what illness is and how to use food and herbs for the treatment of all health issues, including chronic health issues.


Holistic Cooking Course


This Course is A Powerful Compilation of Horacio's 35+ years of practical experience in natural health regeneration, including, but not limited to:


  • Motivation techniques
  • Tools for creating the right food habits
  • Natural means of regenerating your health
  • Natural means of increasing your body's balance and energy
  • An enhanced opportunity to live your life to its fullest and best potential


Holistic Cooking Course


Below is a list of the printable 'take-aways' for the course:


  •  A Downloadable Shopping List With Detail on Acidic and Alkaline Ingredients
  • 15 Recipes in PDF Format
  • 'Blood Type' Foods in PDF Format
  • A guide with ideas and tips related to keeping your immune system healthy and powerful 


Holistic Cooking Course


This comprehensive course will also address:


  • How to restore the right function of organs, clean the blood, and help with overall health regeneration.
  • Best recipes for fighting chronic conditions and different illnesses (infections, fungus, parasites, colds and flu, migraines and headaches, osteoporosis, and more)
  • How to better balance different approaches to food and health: Macrobiotic, Vegetarian & Vegan, Blood Type, bitter foods, fermented foods, fasting, and more, to get your personal health needs covered.
  • Effectively implementing a holistic cooking system based on a multi-ingredients approach, teaching you how to create healthier meals for you and your family without missing flavorful, nutritious, and satisfying food at your table.


Holistic Cooking Course

Asking yourself these questions will help you to understand the
benefits you will receive 
when you take advantage of what we are offering ~~~~

(1) Looking at your personal situation, what would you say is the single biggest challenge you face in relation to the food you eat? 

(2) In your opinion, what is causing this challenge?

(3) What are the consequences for you in terms of energy levels and pain levels if you continue with your current food patterns?


Holistic Cooking Course


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Holistic Cooking Course


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Holistic Nutrition Cooking Course: Food Remedies for Health Regeneration


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Holistic Cooking Course




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