Holistic Nutrition Course

 Holistic Cooking Course


Holistic Health Seminar

July 27 thru 31
5 classes | 30 min. aprox.
Schedule: 5pm PST

Introduction to the Holistic Nutrition and Food for Healing.
Learn best approach to food, nutrition, and diet.

As a main focus, we will explore PH Factors for Health, learning how to effectively distinguish between Acidic and Alkaline ingredients

You will also have access to our list of Best recipes on foods for fighting parasites, food for infections, bacterias, cold and flu, migranes and headacheds, osteoporosis, and more. Our database has a list of meals for high demand of energy, as well as meals for a passive lifestyle

From this course you will get a great amount of recipes to help you regenerate organs, clean the blood and helping overall health regeneration.

As another main point on Health Regeneration Methods, we will explore the process of Fasting for Fastest Health Regeneration.

On each class we will talk about different cultural approaches to food and health: Macrobiotic approach, Learn to Best Balance your Vegetarian & Vegan Diets, Blood Type Diets, bitter foods and ingredients for health, as well as fermeted foods.

Finally our personal Holistic Approach is based on a MultiIngredients Diet that guide you and teach you to create a new healthier diet for you, your family, and friends, without missing flavourfull nutritious and very satisfying meals at your table.


Holistic Nutrition Cooking Course: Food Remedies for Health Regeneration

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Holistic Cooking Course


 Watch this 3 minutes introduction:


Holistic Cooking Course

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Where is the Course Link?

Link to Join the Course will be emailed to you and also posted here as the course date approaches.

How will be the Course Delivered?

This Couse is going to be provided through our Facebook Group for easier commenting and participating.
Additionally we'll broadcast this event live thru Youtube and Zoom Meetings.


Holistic Cooking Course


Course is Open to Questions on Health Regeneration thru Foods.

Links to Join Course will be emailed to participants as well as posted here.

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