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The Yin and Yang Approach to an Acid and Alkaline Diet and Ingredients

We are a reflection of nature. We have everything that nature has. If we observe nature and observe ourselves at the same time, we can observe that to follow nature is common sense, because nature is the natural state of everything.

When everything is working inside of us, it is proof that we are in balance.  The opposite of this is chaos.  This balance is comprised of forces of positive and negative energies - different aspects of the same thing. An example of this is the day and the night, the man and the woman, the cold and the heat.

This balance of positive and negative energies creates processes that are the foundation of all creation.  The human body is the same.  When we alter Yin and Yang or acidic and alkaline, we can alter the natural balance in our bodies. We call this illness.

This is a cause. It is not a consequence.  A consequence of imbalance on the acidic side is fatigue, inflammation, pain, lack of creativity, lack of will.  The consequences can be physical, sexual, intellectual, emotional and instinctive.

Balance is a consequence of the right connection with the balance of nature.

When you can precisely recognize acid and alkaline ingredients, you can personalize a balance of food combinations to match your energy and health needs. The reference point to acid and alkaline ingredients is not based on the pH western scale. The table of alkaline and acid is based on the circular measure from the Yin and Yang. One thing is more acid or more alkaline in relationship to the others, and the main patterns to measure come from nature: water, fire, earth, air, and organics. One thing is relative to another in the circular relationship among them.

When considering your diet, consider the following information:

Acidic vs. Alkaline diet

Acid and Alkaline diet helps regenerate health
Alkaline Ph Foods

Not all diets are for everyone.  Selecting the right diet for you is the first step toward better cell regeneration.

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First and foremost before you start a new way of using food, you need, to relate the knowledge of acidic vs. alkaline foods to your body type, lifestyle, time of the day, and to the time of the year. You also need to consider how you feel in order to determine if you need additional acidic foods or additional alkaline foods.  

As a main rule, orange and green vegetables are alkaline; roots are mainly alkaline too. Fruits are mainly on the acidic side with a few exceptions.  Also, you need to consider what you have recently eaten.  Why?  Because you are continually processing food and need to be aware of the digestive needs of the new foods you are introducing to your body.

We know from the study of chemistry, that the principles of acid and alkaline are very important in relation to the foods we eat.  You can experiment by mixing lemon juice with baking soda.  The violent reaction that occurs is an example of what happens when two opposite foods are combined in your stomach.  You probably do not want this reaction.

The principle of acid and alkaline is not new.  It can be found in Eastern medicine represented as the principle of the Yin and Yang.  

Alkaline Ph Foods







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 Alkaline Ph Foods