24 weeks Geometric Yoga Teacher Training Course - 150hr training

Geometric Yoga 24 weeks Teacher's Training Course.
Course available in Nevada City, Oregon House

Geometric Yoga 24 Weeks Teacher's Training Course

The course is divided into 150 hours and has a duration of 8 months. (You can do it at your own pace through online sessions and recorded and evaluated homework practices)

Schedule requires to attend in person 2 times a week, and 2 hours a week of online classes.

If you wish to attend exclusively online classes you can do so. (instructions are on the link)

In both cases -for in person or online attendance- you will be assigned homework to practice at home.

For those who would like to obtain credit study hours -for advanced students or those who wish to take the course in a shorter period of time- know that practices assigned as homework - depending on the student's performance - will be considered and evaluated as extra curricular classes, increasing the student's record of study hours. (Each private practice submitted, evaluated and approved, will determine the amount of credit hours for classes assigned to the student's curriculum).
Online Yoga Training Course

To participate on the Online Course Modality ONLY, use Coupon Code "OGY1250" to update your course fees
Online Yoga Training Course