Online Yoga Therapy Class

How to Health thru Yoga. Yoga Therapy Explained! From Beginners to Teachers, All Levels are Welcome: Read About our Yoga Classes for Health and learn about It's Approach to help healing and It's Main Difference with Traditional Yoga Classes. Participate Online. View our Calendar for yoga classes near you.


From Beginners to Yoga Teachers, All Levels are Welcome.

A Masterclass focused on the functioning of the body and it's ways to heal. Learn best postures and techniques to release back pain, neck pain, lower back pain, muscle related pain, carpal tunnel, frozen shoulder, and to release any mobility restriction thru attention, breathing, relaxation, and stretching.

Yoga Etiquette, and more information:

Remember: in this yoga class, the teacher is a frame to show what the human body is capable of. You have to keep in mind to do the class considering your own limitations and work slowly to increase your possibility to move more freely and painless at every class. You can use chair to assist you with balancing postures, sit down and getting up routines, and any other exercise you find it useful for you to be safe.

I will explain with precision some of the detoxification systems of the body that are boosted thru exercise and movement.

Get ready your yoga mat, or a towel, and a bottle of water if you must.(My recommendation, aAs in any physical activity, best to have an empty stomach, avoiding exercising while a digestion process is heppening. This helps the blood to flow more freelyin the rest of the body, bringuing oxygen and nutrients into the bloodstream more efficiently .

Wear comfortable exercising cloths.

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