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Meet Holistic Health Services with Horacio Roa

Holistic Health Services is a company founded by Horacio Roa (CMT & HC). Horacio brings 35+ years of experience to the field called Holistic Health Coaching. Over three decades of educating patients has proven that an informed lifestyle can result in the regeneration of health; in other words, the body’s ability to heal itself can be boosted through proper coaching and without delay.

How Can Holistic Health Coaching Help? 

Holistic Health Coaching is based on education – education which helps the client implement and understand a lifestyle oriented to Self-healing.

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Ways you can access holistic coaching:

  • Private consultation and private coaching  (by phone, online, or in person). 
  • Group coaching sessions
  • Single classes: yoga for health, food therapy cooking, wild herbs recognition.
  • Workshops open to questions about specific health issues
  • 10 hrs self-help courses for specific health issues.
  • Career courses for Holistic Health Coach, and for Acupressure (Shiatsu) Therapist
  • Private Retreats, Weekend Retreats, and Day Retreats in the Foothills.


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How Does Holistic Health Coaching Works?

Holistic Health Center for Natural Health Consultation and Self-healing Education.

We are all about natural tools and resources for self-healing education, consultation and coaching.

"Through a holistic health consultation about natural healing,” Horacio explains, “I’ll provide you with enough information to start you on the path to self-healing - the path to better enjoy your life.”

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A wonderful opportunity to make adjustments to your lifestyle is the Health Coaching Retreat program for a day or for the weekend. Learning self-healing needs the guidance of someone that has walked that path. Weekend Retreats are offered in Lake Tahoe, and Oregon House in the North Yuba Foothills. During the retreat events we offer a series of key educational classes about self-healing with facts and information that can help you understand how to regain health and energy with ease. Most of the classes are offered individually weekly or monthly as part of our open educational classes, and as part of the career education program.

“My name is Horacio Roa, I'm the founder of Holistic Health Services and a healer with 35+ yr experience practicing, coaching, and consulting about natural self-healing. You can find more information about me by clicking here.  If you would like to contact me, It's easy to book online. Also, I would like to invite you to review some basic information such as my Holistic Approach for Natural Self-healing and the informed consent.

Thank you for connecting with me!"

- Horacio Roa

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