Holistic Health Day Retreat


Holistic Health Day Retreat for Self-healing Education



Learn to re-treat your health with Holistic Health

and keep new year resolutions going all year round!


holistic health retreat day



Lifestyle to Re-treat your health. THE MOST POWERFUL QUESTION IS: Why? Only when you get an answer to that question you can start to learn and benefit from natural healing techniques, to stop chronic symptoms, relieve pain, and more.  Join us to LEARN HOW TO take countrol of your health through lifestyle changes for regeneration, including emotional techniques, bodywork techniques and health coaching programs, food seminar and holistic nutrition cooking classes  focused on the pH balance approach. 

The final Treat: Bring home powerful health meditations for easy lifestyle changes and Learn Self-healing. We record our programs and make them available to you online.

Our retreat house, retired in the yuba foothills is awaiting to help you do the changes you want to see happening in your life.


-  Small groups of up to 6 people only  (Request information for private retreat programs.)

-  Individual treatments and overnight can be scheduled only by request (not included in the program)

- Meeting Point: 13376 Rue Montaigne, Oregon House, CA 95962

- Time: Arrival Time 8:30 am

- For more information call 1-(530)-790-5167



holistic health retreat dayUPCOMING DAY RETREATS


holistic health retreat day

January: Sunday 15th

February: Sunday 5th

March: Sunday 5th

April: Sunday 2nd

May: Sunday 2nd

June: Sunday 4th

July: Sunday 2nd

August: Sunday 6th

September: Sunday 3rd 

October: Sunday 1st

November: Sunday 5th

December: Sunday 3rd


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