Holistic Health Retreats
Women's Health Retreats

Each retreat is an experience in the process of resting, rejuvenating, and maturing emotionally. You will be with other women who are dealing with the same difficulties and the same possibilities, concentrating on the use of those difficulties in relation to growth.

Performance and physical work: sweating, -specially for detox-, and in different activities- is the cause of better work performance, reduction of stress, and learning how to use challenge for encoragement rather than failure.

These retreats are a good occasion to be part of a routine and concentrate on personal issues with other people that are working on the same areas.
The emotional world is unknown, yet needed. It requires sensitivity, communication and emotional intelligence in order to connect to life.

A spiritual beings looking for an identity develops into a free thinker, with emotional courage for achievement. Discovering both the male and female parts in oneself, discovering a balanced being that can react in a positive way, with sensitivity and creativity while releasing the earlier negative and frustrated women.

Be new now is the proposal.
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