Irina Galvin is looking for help to pay for her treatments.

Here is Irina's letter to family and friends:

"This year is off to a great start because I have so many friends who are helping me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
  The best in the world healer for me, Horacio, who helps me already for 7 years, said, that he did not have hope for 4 years!  And now my real essence comes back, i am happy and joyfull all the time and he thinks, that everything will come back, that i am building new brain. He helps me extraordinary ! /In order to progress better i need to have treatments with him twice a week. i would like to ask to buy gift certificate from him for any amount of money ( all funds go to Horacio) i will pay you back, as soon as i will be strong on my feet and i will heal myself. i know that,  please help me a little now, and i will be gratefull forevere. i hope to hear from
you. Sending you love and healing thoughts. Irina

P.S. please see my "walking" video on Youtube under "go,Irina, go" and, please, grab a handherchief and watch video of my "singing in church on i became a vegetarian, and i gave my heart to God. I will glorify Him in every song or poem.  Irina and, please, watch my new video on youtube "irina going to walk, ira is walking"

Irina Galvin


Letters to Irina:

"My dearest friend Irina,I'm writing you to let you know I'm proud of the person you've become. You always have a smile on your face with the inspirational words towards all of us. You've been working very hard with getting ready in the morning,cleaning your room,and can't forget you always give a 100 percent on your walking everyday. Two thumbs up!! You are definitely a dedicated lady. I want You to know I'm proud to be your friend.
     Love you. Your friend for life"

The support from the family:

"Horatio has been working with Irina for over 5 years and has provided her most essential therapy. He often works in warm water with her and has a psychological and holistic approach. Irina continues to improve physically and mentally under his twice weekly care. Whenever possible, I use any funds that come in for Irina for Horatio’s treatments. I support giving contributions for Irina via Horatio’s website: I am very grateful for all of your help."
William Galvin


Irina's Photos from FB

April 2014,


Irina in September 2014


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Irina is Walking: January 2015



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