Longevity Mindset and Holistic Protocol Workshop




Exploring the holistic perspective and mindset for longevity.

Join us to learn about longevity and regeneration 


We'll explore the reasons for aging, foods for longevity and aging, inflammation as a cause of aging, and how your lifestyle, emotional well-being, community, and goal seing can either boost or undermine your potential for a long and happy life. This two-hour workshop employs holistic methods such as yoga, cooking ideas, lectures, meditation, and the benefits of holistic health coaching. Longevity is the best investment for your health regeneration.

What to Expect:

Topics we'll explore:

    1. Introduction to the holistic perspective and the mindset necessary for achieving longevity and health regeneration.
    2. The reasons behind aging and its relationship with illness: What accelerates or decelerates the aging process.
    3. Food for longevity and aging, including food types, ingredient pH levels, oxidative foods, nutrients, and regenerative foods. We'll explain why, from a holistic standpoint, addressing your diet is not only for when you are sick.
    4. Inflammation as a cause of aging. We'll define inflammation and explore its most common causes.
    5. The significance of lifestyle, emotional well-being, community, personal interests, and goal setting as key factors for longevity or support for aging.

Longevity is the best investment for anyone's health regeneration. We'll also delve into the benefits of holistic health coaching in combination with Chinese medicine and acupressure.




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