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Geometric Yoga Classes for Self-Healing, Regeneration & Genetic Transformation

Geometric Yoga is a the knowledge of yoga adapted to our society and ways of living. Stretching, breathing, attention and relaxation are the four golden rules of this practice. Balancing postures help coordinate the right and left sides of the brain and other postures tone the organs, help move the blood, cleanse and regenerate cells using oxygen through breathing and relaxation.

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How to Optimize your Yoga and Bodywork Sessions

Combined bodywork sessions helps optimize health benefits

We encourage you to try and see what the experience is when you combine therapeutic sessions after a yoga bodywork session. Our experience is that In doing so, you can bringing relaxation and detox to a deeper  level, making it much more benefitial by helping you achieve results faster.

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    Remember that Yoga well practiced include the use of 4 rules: attention, breathing, relaxation and stretching, all of which helps decrease levels of stress and aid the natural flow of the body to regenerate. Yoga is not about reaching the best posture. It is about discovering the benefits through experiencing the limits that your body has developed through time. To break tensions and blocks that have build through time is not possible if you do any exercise in a tense way: streatching and relaxation are the keys that can only be reached when there is proper breathing and focused attention to your body to aid the relaxation and stretching, making the oxygen to go depeer into your cells, bringing more relaxation and more stretching to your workout: more health to your health!


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