Online Yoga Classes for Health 

Yoga Classes in Nevada City, Yuba City, Oregon House and Online


  • Nevada City:
    - Wednesdays 11 am
    - Saturdays at 2pm
    at InnerPath
    200 Commercial Street

  • Oregon House
    - Mondays and Thursdays 9am  
    Online Yoga Class
  • 13376 Rue Montaigne, Oregon House

  • Yuba City
    - TBA

  • Online Yoga Classes
    - Mondays and Thursdays 9 am - PST

Online Yoga for Health Videos on specific health issues are available with a Subscription Account.


Class Fee: $15

Bring your yoga mat, or a towel.

Wsear comfortable exercising clothes.

Bring a bottle of water to hydrate after class.

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