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The practice of Yoga postures must includes the use of 4 rules:

  1. Attention,
  2. Breathing,
  3. Relaxation
  4. Stretching,

All of these rules practiced at every yoga posture will help decrease levels of stress and allow the natural flow of the body to regenerate.

Yoga is not about reaching the best posture. Yoga is about discovering the benefits through experience and work with the limits that your body has developed through time. To restore your health and break these limits -expressed thru tensions and blocks- it is not possible when exercising in a "tense" way.

Stretching and relaxation are key elements that  can be reached thru proper breathing, and focused attention to your body, mind, energy, and emotions. 

Attention will aid relaxation and stretching, helping the oxygen reach depeer layers of tissue, reaching cells, cleansing and bringing more relaxation and more stretching to your workout: more health to your health!

Geometric Yoga Classes are Yoga Therapy, also known as Hatha Yoga which is the original Self-healing Yoga.

All the health benefits of yoga are explained while working on each posture.










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