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Geometric Yoga


These yoga classes focus on the functioning of the body and it's ways to heal explaining best postures and techniques to release back pain, neck pain, lower back pain, muscle related pain, carpal tunnel, frozen shoulder, and to improve any mobility restriction thru attention, breathing, relaxation, and stretching.

The proper mindset is that the teacher is a frame to show what the human body is capable of.
You have to keep in mind to do the class considering your own limitations and work slowly to increase your possibility to move more freely and painless at every class.
You can use chair to assist you with balancing postures, sit down and getting up routines, and for any other exercise you find it useful for you to feel safe..

Practicing yoga while listening to the health benefits of each posture helps to bring focused attention, deeper relaxation, and throughout blood oxygenation, carrying oxygen to deeper level of the body, increasing detoxification thru movement and awareness.

Particular Recommendations for Beginners.

Remember to bring a yoga mat, or a towel,

For a better experience is best not to eat or drink anything whithin 1 hr before exercise.

Best to practice yoga barefoot.

Wear comfortable exercising clothes.

Do what you can and respect your limits. The aim is to push lightly your limits each class with attention and relaxation to bring more flexibility to your body. 

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